Sunday, May 18, 2014


I just wanted to take a minute to write about a few things that are currently buzzing around in my head.
First of all I am SO high on the night/day I just had. I feel like the majority of my blog is me talking about how great my friends are...but that was reaffirmed to me by the events of today. I had a thought today while I was driving to Ogden, I've read from a friends facebook or instagram or some form of social media (I think it was Angela) "The time to make up your mind about people is never." And for some reason really hit me, and also the time to make up your mind about yourself is never, too. Let me explain, you have friendships (or any kind of relationship for that matter) and people make mistakes, it's human...but there is always something amazing about that person and that relationship. Basically I'm saying that I am thankful for all of my friends who put up with my crazy and sometimes bitch-ness. We ALL make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and I thank my lucky stars for all the amazing friends I've gathered throughout my life that stick with me. 
I saw a lot of these friends today, I saw 35MM at my friend Alicia's theatre company GOOD COMPANY THEATRE. It was truly amazing. I was inspired, moved, and awe stricken by my incredibly talented friends. And the fact that these people are not just beautiful on stage, but in really moved me. 
Then I got to see my Welch's who I have missed so much. I got to see the whole gang and finally meet Alfie. My heart was so happy being in a room full of my college friends who I want in my life forever. Truly good people. People that love me even though I've been rude or crazy or insecure. I feel so lucky. I also have a few friends that I've made in just the past year that I feel have completed me. People who it's hard for me to imagine haven't always been there. Basically I just feel very thankful and loved. So thank you, for being my friend, being kind and being you.
Here are some pics...also I need the groupie of tonight from the Welch's.