Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Visits and Juno

This week has been a little nuts.

It started last week when Sean, Tay and I lucked out on three tickets to BEAUTIFUL: THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL. We decided on Tuesday (since we all had the day off) that we would try to see a show. Now I have been wanting to see this show for about a year now...and I just had never gotten around to it. I honestly can't put into words the experience I had at that show. I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to Broadway shows. All I ever want when I walk into the theatre is for someone to tell me the story, be honest, let me experience something with them...this show exceeded all expectations. I walked out of the show sobbing. I couldn't stop crying the entire second act. It was beautiful, real, relatable, moving...and Jessie Mueller is incredible and absolutely deserved that Tony. Basically I want to see it 100 more times and be her best friend. 

Then on Wednesday we had our visitors show up! Trent, Ally, Katie and BJ stayed with us this weekend. BJ and Katie were auditioning for URTA's and Trent and Ally just came to visit, and they all happened to be here on the same weekend. Basically Weber State took over Harlem for a minute. It was really fun to have them here. There were a lot of people in our apartment...but it was really fun. Also having friends in town is a good excuse to be able to do some fun things in your city you don't do every day. The first day Ally and Trent were here we went to the Empire State Building. Before we went I wasn't really that excited about it...I'd been up there before and didn't really think it would be that exciting...but looking at the city from up there is breathtaking. It's so beautiful and made me feel really grateful to live here in this crazy city where so many amazing things happen every day. 

Then we met up with Tay and took a journey through Central Park! I love this city...I honestly forget how amazing New York is sometimes...but then you take a moment and realize I LIVE HERE!

Then the next day BJ and Katie came and we had breakfast in Harlem at one of my favorite little places on Malcom X. 
That night we took a journey downtown to see SLEEP NO MORE!!! 

If you don't know anything about SLEEP NO MORE you should check out their website --->***! It is this crazy awesome show that takes places in a five story building. It's immersive theatre telling the story of Macbeth set in the 30's. It's amazing and crazy and terrifying. You all wear these creepy masks and run around The McKittrick Hotel and basically create your own adventure. 

The next day I had to work and Katie, BJ, and Ally were venturing the city, after I met up with them and we decided to try for the MATILDA lottery! We got to see it! It was definitely adorable and I LOVED the choreography.

I stayed with Katie at a hotel that night and the next morning she and BJ had their URTA's! They both did really well and got all sorts of callbacks. 

The next day we had PREPARATION JUNO. Apparently we were supposed to get SLAMMED with this blizzard called Juno. They closed Broadway and the subway and they weren't even letting people drive...and when we woke up the next morning it really hadn't snowed that much. But we went to the store and prepared. I bought the LAST 2% MILK at Target....it was INSANE. 
We ordered Chinese food and hunkered down in our apartment and waiting for the storm...that never came. AND all of our friends flights have been delayed so they're stuck with us until Wednesday! Good thing they're so fun to have around.

That's all for now.

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